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Smash Bros. ruining Circle Pads ⊟

Ack, these look awful. Either these people were going too hard on their Circle Pads, or the controls just aren’t built to take the punishment Smash Bros. demands (especially after that rubber slider endured years of use).

These photos were posted on the day Smash Bros. released in Japan, ending their owners’ fun real quick. Perfect excuse to get a New 3DS, I guess! Or take advantage of Nintendo’s usually generous customer service/warranty coverage.

Also, I haven’t seen any other reports of this, but at least one of our readers reported having his 3DS bricked after downloading the Smash Bros. demo. Hope that was just a freak accident!

Credit to @dragonwaterfall, @eichi3902, @syu0717x, @m_mmliy, @cochioka, and Kotaku.

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Uncanny X-Men #16 - “The Strange Unpleasant Land II” (2012)

written by Kieron Gillen
art by Daniel Acuña


Here’s what happened with Smash Bros. today ⊟

Kirby inhaled the Duck Hunt dog and became this delightful thing. Really that’s all you need to know.

This other Smash Bros. stuff happened too, I guess:

S/o to @jarerami for the Kirby/Duck Hunt pic.

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R.O.B. is in Smash Bros!


Everybody’s favourite Robotic Operating Buddy is in Super Smash Bros. available in 21 hours! Wonder if they’ll change R.O.B.’s colours for the North American release?!

Today’s full list stands at R.O.B., Jigglypuff, Bowser Jr., Ganondorf, Wario, Dr. Mario, Ness, Falco, Dark Pit, Duck Hunt dog and Mr. Game & Watch. Phew!

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New 3DS and Cover Plates packaging ⊟

I love that New 3DS box for Japan! It’s curious that of all the system’s new features and improvements (extra analog input and buttons, built-in NFC/Amiibo support, faster CPU, etc.), the box’s design and word balloon are dedicated to advertising the handheld’s swappable cover plates. The boxes for the New 3DS XLs, which don’t let you change the covers, are more boring traditional.

Also notice that the packaging for the cover plates (now listed at Amazon Japan) has text for other languages, indicating these will eventually come to the West. Thanks to @Lite_Agent and @NintendoTweet for the pics!

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