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Leonardo and Raphael Game Boy Colors ⊟

There’s a TMNT NES in there, too — all of this custom hardware comes from Doyle Dean, who is selling the pieces and many others on Etsy.

So we have Leonardo and Raphael GBCs, and we saw that Donatello Game Boy last month… Aren’t we missing someone? Oh yeah, here’s a Michelangelo Game Boy from one of our talented readers, Matt “Category” Quinton:

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The most amazing part of this is that the cat is actually using it


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Smash Bros. ruining Circle Pads ⊟

Ack, these look awful. Either these people were going too hard on their Circle Pads, or the controls just aren’t built to take the punishment Smash Bros. demands (especially after that rubber slider endured years of use).

These photos were posted on the day Smash Bros. released in Japan, ending their owners’ fun real quick. Perfect excuse to get a New 3DS, I guess! Or take advantage of Nintendo’s usually generous customer service/warranty coverage.

Also, I haven’t seen any other reports of this, but at least one of our readers reported having his 3DS bricked after downloading the Smash Bros. demo. Hope that was just a freak accident!

Credit to @dragonwaterfall, @eichi3902, @syu0717x, @m_mmliy, @cochioka, and Kotaku.

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